20 Facts You Must Know About Alibaba.com


The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is making headlines since its IPO on Friday. The is the largest IPO in the history of US stock market. Here are the 20 facts that you must know about Alibaba.com.


1) Alibaba is a Chinese company.

2) Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba.

3) Alibaba covers almost 60% of all packages delivered in China.

4) Alibaba has about 231 million active users.

5) Alibaba has about 6000 product categories.

6) Alibaba raised $21.8 billion on its IPO which is the largest IPO in the US stock market history.

7) Taobao, currently world’s #20 site, is owned by Alibaba.

8) Alibaba has already spent over $3.5 billion in acquisitions.

9) Tmall is also owned by Alibaba.

10) Alibaba has its own online payment service called Alipay.

11) Alibaba gives loans to merchants of its site.

12) Laiwang, a messaging app with over 10 millions users, is owned by Alibaba.

13) Alibaba was named after the famous folk-tale “Alibaba and the forty thieves”.

14) Over 20,000 people work for Alibaba.

15) The company has also registered Alimama. “In case someone wants to marry us!” says the founder Jack Ma.

16) The founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, is the 8th richest person in China. He is worth $10 billion.

17) Alibaba’s employee talent show is so big that it’s arranged at a local stadium.

18) Jack Ma is no more the CEO of the company. He stepped down in 2013 but hold the position of company’s executive director.

19) Alibaba was founded in 1999.

20) In 2013, Alibaba carried out 70% of all mobile payments in China.

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