18 Months of Teeth Straightening in 30 Seconds | Amazing Braces Time-Lapse Video

18 Months of Teeth Straightening in 30 Seconds | Amazing Braces Time-Lapse Video

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9 thoughts on “18 Months of Teeth Straightening in 30 Seconds | Amazing Braces Time-Lapse Video”
  1. It is so amazing to be able to see what braces can do. Braces really are a great way to be able to get the smile of your dreams. There is definitely no reason that you should’t be confident in your smile. Braces can take a lot of time, but they are definitely worth it in the long run. There is definitely no better feeling than being able to have a straight smile.


  2. I’m thinking about getting braces. My teeth aren’t too bad. However, I do have quite an underbite. It looks cute like Kiera Knightley. However, I don’t think that it is very healthy to have that kind of issue. If braces could fix that, I’m sure it could prevent or even cure other health issues I may have. http://perthsmiles.com.au/incognito-braces/

  3. Wow, it is truly amazing what orthodontist can do to fix a smile. Its so cool to watch this time-lapse video of this girls teeth getting straightening. It seems like having braces can in the long run make you feel more confident about smiling. I wonder if she should this video to her orthodontist. http://www.orthodonticclinic.com.au

  4. Who would have thought that there was so much movement over such a long time?   However, it is probably a good thing because that way, people can get the smile that they have wanted.  Luckily, there seem to be services out there that can help with things like this should help be necessary. http://accentdentalnwi.com/what-we-do/invisalign/

  5. Wow! That is actually really cool to see the braces work their magic. You can never see the results instantly like this and it can be frustrating. However, the end result is worth it as this girl might tell you. I can certainly tell you that as well. I had braces for a few years and my teeth are perfectly straight now. 

  6. That is cool to see how the braces can pull teeth down or push them up depending on the needs of the person.   It is also cool to see how technology has evolved as time has gone on.   When it comes to taking care of your teeth, I can see how someone would want to get the best services for their circumstances. http://www.matunasortho.com

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