10 Happiest Jobs That You Can Do Without a 4-Year Degree

Happiest Jobs

CareerBliss and Business Insider have compiled a list of 10 happiest jobs on the planet that do not require a formal college degree. A year-long survey was carried out from October 2013 to October 2014. A number of professionals were asked to rate their job on basis of ten factors. The more the score, the happier is the professional with that factor.

The factors that were used to find the score were a relationship with their boss; relationship with their coworkers; workplace environment; job resources; compensation; growth opportunities; company culture; company reputation; daily tasks; and job control over the work performed on a daily basis.

A score called bliss score was generated after collecting only the data of professionals who participated in the survey but did not hold any four-year degree.

Here is the complete list of the jobs with their bliss score based on the survey.

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