Man Who Can Lay Eggs

62-year old Indonesian man, Kakek Sinin, does not go the market when his wife asks him for eggs. He simply stays home and lays eggs himself saving not only his time but money as well. Please be advised, this is not one of our regular satire stories, it is real as the evidence so far suggests.

The magic man Kakek Sinin, also known as Kong Naim, is a resident of Tanjung Wangi in North Jakarta, Indonesia.

Kakek Sinin - Indonesian man who can lay eggs
Kakek Sinin exhausted after laying an egg

Kakek Sinin claims:

“Usually the eggs come out once every three months. But this month I’ve already laid three eggs,”

“This has happened since 1998. I was treated at a hospital once, and I even went to the police.”

Some locals also claim there is video of Kakek laying an egg through his anus. Let us believe them in the meantime the actual video is available.

Kakek Sinin - Indonesian man who can lay eggs
It’s white people!

Curious people have been flocking to his humble abode since the news went viral on social media. Savvy neighbors saw the craze as a business opportunity and now charge visitors at least Rp 2,000 on top of the unofficial parking fee to see the man and his collection of “eggs”.

Naim said that soon after he laid his first eggs in 1998, he visited a doctor at Cipto Mangunkusmo General Hospital (RSCM) in Central Jakarta.

“I spent three weeks there. Doctors saw me lay eggs. They were 100 percent convinced, but said my condition had no cure and they eventually gave up,” he said.

But government officials who are stunned by the public hysteria are skeptical. Bambang Suherman, chief of the North Jakarta health agency, took Naim and his “eggs” to a hospital Friday for a laboratory test.

“Medically speaking, this is impossible,” he said.