Bangladesh Attempts World’s Largest Selfie Using Lumia 730’s Front Camera

World's Largest Selfie

The buzz word on the internet is still, “selfie“, ladies and gentlemen. The hype of selfie (self-portrait) is taking over people young and old, and even Presidents and Prime Ministers of countries. The latest happening in the race of taking selfies was encountered in Bangladesh.

A group of about 1,100 Bangladeshi students took part in the world’s largest selfie which was clicked using the front camera of a Lumia 730, a Windows Mobile powered a smartphone.

The image, which turned out to be a promotional stunt for Lumia 730, appeared on Microsoft Lumia Bangladesh Facebook page.

It is still unknown if the Guinness World Records organization has confirmed this new record.

In March this year, Ellen DeGeneres Oscars selfie was shared on Twitter which is now the most retweeted selfie ever.

World's Largest Selfie

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