Google's Year in Search 2014

As the year 2014 is folding up, Google has published ‘Year in Search 2014‘ video on it’s Youtube channel. The video sums up the major search trends on Google during the year 2014.

The video starts with Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi receiving Nobel prize followed by some other most searched moments and personalities from 2014 like Ebola, Robin Williams etc. The video also highlights some great personalities the world lost during the year, but the end, as it should be, is a happy one. “Search On” says the video in the end.

A Google+ post earlier quoted:

This year people searched for everything under the sun and beyond, from distant comets to tiny burritos. And they asked Google important questions like, “where do we come from?” and “should I get married?”

That’s why today we’re launching our annual #YearinSearch , a look back at the searches, questions and moments that defined 2014.

Watch the film, explore the site and relive the year along the way.

By Postober Staff

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