10 Reasons Why Every Indian Should Visit Pakistan

Try telling someone you want to visit Pakistan and you’ll get a simple reaction that goes, “Are you crazy?”. But in case you do make that trip, I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be proved entirely wrong.

#1. To experience the other side of the Wagah border.

Wagah Border - Pakistan/India
It’s a thrilling experience to take a few steps and enter an entirely new country. Only an Indian and a Pakistani will understand what it is to cross the Wagah border.

#2. To feel the warmth of Pakistani hospitality.

Pakistani hospitality
Ask Nikita Singla how her stay in Pakistan was. She visited Lahore as part of a 16-member peace delegation for a conference on the South Asia People’s Union. Her travelogue will give you an idea of the warmth of Pakistani hospitality. People there will welcome Indians with an open heart, ask a lot of questions about Bollywood and offer to show you the best places in the country. They will go out of their way to ensure that you aren’t missing home.

#3. To shop at the famous Anarkali and Liberty markets.

Liberty market
You will get the best shawls, bangles and pathanis here. Anarkali, being the oldest bazaar in Asia, also has the famous mausoleum of Anarkali, who was buried alive by Mughal Emperor Akbar.

#4. To listen to the serene music of Coke Studio Pakistan.

Coke Studio Pakistan
The iconic music series has given the music industry gems like Meesha Shafi, Saba Hameed and Jawad Ahmad. It would be an experience of a lifetime for a music fan to see them live humming a mellifluous ghazal.

#5. To taste delish Pakistani food.

Pakistani foods
From lavish seekh kebabs to saccharine gajrella from Gawal Mandi, Pakistani food will leave a taste in your mouth which you will never forget.

#6. To get stunned by its historical monuments.

Baltit Fort - historical monuments in Pakistan
Pakistan’s mosques, tombs and cultural sites will stun you with their tranquility and architecture. Monuments like Lahore Fort, Shah Faisal Mosque, Baltit Fort and Rohtas Fort offer a great blend of traditional and modern architectural style.

#7. To experience the grandeur of a Pakistani wedding.

a Pakistani wedding
A big fat Pakistani wedding will leave you spellbound by its grandeur. From clothes to the traditions, everything will floor you with splendour.

#8. To explore the historic Mohenjodaro ruins.

Mohenjodaro ruins
It would be great to visit the place our history textbooks always talked about. Mohenjodaro is a place of archaeological significance and has quite a lot to offer to history buffs.

#9. To give cricket rivalry a break.

Shandur Polo FestivalGive PAKvIND cricket rivalry a break. Instead witness a traditional polo match at what is called the ‘roof of the world’. Shandur Top is a flat plateau which is a polo ground that hosts polo tournaments and matches.

#10. To clear out misconceptions Indians have about Pakistan.

misconceptions Indians have about Pakistan
There is a misconceived notion Indians have about Pakistan. We always fail to look beyond the bombs and terrorists, beyond the political and military rivalry, and beyond cricket statistics. Our neighbors are as open-minded and affectionate as we are. We just have to keep our prejudices aside and give them a chance to prove how wrong we are. Provided that we get a visa, every Indian should visit Pakistan, at least once in a lifetime.

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