Shahid Afridi & Ahmed Shahzad – The Cutest Playmates in Cricket History?

Shahid Afridi & Ahmed Shahzad

The love for the same sex is nothing new, neither is the love for creatures other than your own species. Love is a complicated thing. A very complicated thing, in fact. And the complication gets even severe when the phenomenon involves either of the two cases I just described. Let’s focus on the previous one; the later can wait for a couple of decades.

Remember Tim Cook, the Applce CEO, breaking silence and coming out as a gay in October last year? Well, that’s not any easy thing to do. The shackles of culture and religion are so strong is some societies, they won’t let two beating hearts meet. In public at most.

But that’s completely irrelevant here.

Meet the cutest playmates in cricket history — Shahid Afridi (famously known as Boom Boom Boom – not completely sure about the third one but time will decide. Or you) and his fellow Pakistani cricketer Ahmed Shahzad.

Let take a pictorial tour. Text might not do justice to the Shahzad-Afridi relationship.
Shahid Afridi & Ahmed Shahzad

Shahid Afridi & Ahmed Shahzad

Shahid Afridi & Ahmed Shahzad

And finally, a little video:

Shahid Afridi & Ahmed Shahzad – The Cutest… by cricknock

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