Largest Cricket Bat

United Arab Emirates might be a little behind every other cricket playing nation in the game but they hold a unique world record – the Guinness World Record for Largest Cricket Bat in the world!

Unveiled at the ICC Cricket Academy in Dubai, UAE, the bat measures about 32 meters in length and weighs 92 kilograms.

When placed horizontally, the bat covers a space of 7 cars parked bumper to bumper.

“It’s the first year the UAE national team are travelling to the World Cup and we wanted to help raise awareness of this as it’s our second year sponsoring the team,” said Hamad Malik, OSN’s chief marketing officer.

“The objective of this is to demonstrate our passion for cricket and wish the UAE good luck in the upcoming ICC World Cup tournament,” he added.

“The unveiling of the ‘World’s Largest Cricket Bat’ is more than a symbolic gesture. It is our tribute to the world of cricket, while also celebrating OSN’s exclusive telecast rights of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. It also puts the spotlight on the UAE and the steady strides it has made in international cricket,” said Malik.

OSN is the official sponsor of the UAE National Cricket Teams, and holds exclusive broadcast rights for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

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