Subway Surfers Pakistan – Pakistani Guys Take The Mobile Game to Real Life

Subway Surfers Pakistan

It’s hardly a chance that you are a smartphone user and you don’t know about Subway Surfers. Some students of University of Engineering & Technology (UET) have taken Subway Surfers to real life in a 57-second long video created somewhere on a railway track in Pakistan.

Subway Surfers Pakistan – Postober.comPosted by Postober on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The guys, probably got inspired from from the many location based versions of the game, came up with this idea to create their own version of Subway Surfers.

Talking to a fan on a Facebook page, one of the creators of the video said:

“This is just for fun but we really hope this video inspires the company behind Subway Surfers to think about creating “Subway Surfers Karachi”, “Subway Surfers Lahore” or probably “Subway Surfers Rawalpindi”.

Pakistan has over 140 million mobile users while about 30 million have access to internet. Despite a huge market, foreign investors have always been double minded to invest in the country due to the political unrest and Pakistan’s on-going war on terror against the Taliban and other radical Islamist militant groups.

Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers, a game created by two companies called Kiloo and Sybo, has currently a dozen location options for cities in India, Middle East, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Russian and China.


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