Self-Proclaimed World’s Leading Software Company Axact Sells Fakes Degrees Online

World's Leading Software Company Axact Sells Fakes Degrees Online

Declan Walsh of New York Times has reported in his latest article “Fake Diplomas, Real Cash: Pakistani Company Axact Reaps Millions” that Axact, a Pakistan based self proclaimed world’s leading software company, sells fake degrees online.

The report reveals that Axact, which has it’s headquarters in Karachi Pakistan and employs more than 2000 people, is behind a hundreds of bogus universities that do no exist in real but have presentable websites and fake testimonails. The company charges thousands of dollars for a single fake degree.

A fake degree by Axact
Axact makes tens of millions of dollars annually by offering diplomas and degrees online through hundreds of fictitious schools. Fake accreditation bodies and testimonials lend the schools an air of credibility. But when customers call, they are talking to Axact sales clerks in Karachi.

Jamshed, a former employee of Axact turned out to be the whistleblower. He flew to United Arab Emirates along with records of about two dozen fake degrees issued by Axact.

The story went viral hours after it was published and it made it to the main page of New York Times itself.

This is not the first time Axact has been reported for an illegal activity. The company was also reportedly behind illegal porn websites operating from inside Pakistan.

Axact CEO Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh
A screengrab of a promotional video in which Axact CEO Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh can be seen speaking at an event.

It must be noted that Axact is also behind the mysterious upcoming Pakistani Televisions network called BOL. BOL is reportedly launching in coming months while the marketing campaign was launched two years ago. BOL has also managed to hire famous Pakistan TV personalities including Kamran Khan who worked previously for  GEO, a rival of BOL.

BOL network by Axact
A promotional banner of BOL network managed by Axact

A number of Pakistani and Indian channels have accused Pakistan’s spy agency ISI and wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim of their involvement in BOL Network. Pakistani property tycoon and billionaire Malik Riaz is one of the major investors in the business.

It’s still unclear if Axact will take any action against New York Times and Declan Walsh. Seasoned analysis are predicting that the story is going to affect the launch of BOL Network.

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