This is a modified version (pictures only because you might have already seen the pictures on the original piece) of the article published by UshahK, the co-founder and editor at Dissent Conclav, under community on BuzzFeed.

Independent BuzzFeed community contributor UshahK, with a little help from her friend Moebin Hafiz, is trying to prove that Pakistan is absolutely the worst place on earth.

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If you’ve been alive for more than a day, you know that Pakistan is a dangerous, crazy wild blast from the stone age. So, me and my friend Moebin Hafiz (who has travelled the country for his Travel Diaries) have set out to prove why Pakistan really is the worst place on earth.

1, The capital city is essentially a mud sack with a bonfire

Shah Faisal Mosque Islamabad by Haider Ali

Seriously, we could gag.

And again. Why would anyone want to see this?

2, It’s just plain ugly

Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir by Syed Mehdi Bukhari

The whole place is one giant wasteland.

It has the scenic beauty of a tin can. Eww!

3, The people are hideous

Pakistani Stars by LUX Star Awards

Not a single hottie in sight. Mahira Khan, Iman Ali, Abdullah Ejaz, Sheheryar Siddiqui, Abass Jaffri. They look so bad, it hurts.

4, Pakistani men are horrible human beings

Abdul Sattar Edhi via Google Images

Abdul Sattar Edhi’s philanthropic efforts? Blah!

Ansar Burney advocating for national and international human rights issues? Blah Blah!
Totally, utterly, completely unimpressive.

5, The ports? Pfft,

Karachi Port View by Ali Raza Khatri

Hardly functional. Look at those ships. Pathetic!

6, History? Pakistan doesn’t believe in preserving history

Badshahi Mosque Lahore by Kamran Aslam

The Badshahi Mosque? Yeah, nothing to see here.

The Katasraj Temples? Remnants of an ancient civilisation? Meh.

7, The heritage sights are nothing special

Altit Fort Hunza by Imran Ahmed Hunzai

There is no ancient building standing today. The oldest building might hardly be 4 decades old.

8, The architecture is boring

Baltit Fort Hunza by Imran Ahmed Hunzai

A hall of mirrors? Please. A bubble bath is more interesting.

9, Also, there is absolutely nothing special about the mosques

Bahria Grand Mosque by Omar Abbas

So unoriginal. We could cry

10, Their musical taste is abysmal

Zeb and Haniya by Coke Studio Pakistan

Clearly, this one requires no explanation.

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