5 Things You Need to Know About the Paris Attacks

The Paris Attacks of November 2015 are considered one of the most sophisticated and deadliest terrorist attacks in Europe in the recent times. As random as they might seem, one thing is for sure that they were being planned for quite some time. The attacks took place right at the time when Europe is embracing hundreds and thousands of refugees who are fleeing Syria and the war hit Middle Eastern countries.

Although there is still much to be unveiled on this incident, here are 5 important things that you should know about the Paris Attacks.

1, Nine Attackers in Total

Paris Attack suspects
November 2015 Paris Attacks – Suspects

The number of attackers that have been identified is nine. Seven of these attackers were killed on the spot while 2 were able to flee the attack locations. The French authorities carried out a massive search operation for the two remaining terrorists. One of the terrorists was killed during the operation while the last suspect remains at large.

  1. Bilal Hadfi, 20,  French citizen living in Belgium.
  2. M. al-Mahmod, Syrian refugee.
  3. Ahmad al-Mohammad (Stolen Passport, original identification unknown).
  4. Brahim Abdeslam, a 31-year-old French citizen living in Belgium.
  5. Abdelhamid Abaaoud.
  6. Samy Amimour, 28, French citizen.
  7. Omar Ismail Mostefai, 29, French citizen.
  8. Unidentified suspect.
  9. Unidentified suspect.

2, 130 Causalities, victims from 20 Different Countries

November 2015 Paris Attacks

The total causalities as of 25th November were 130. About 368 received non-fatal injuries while 80+ are critically injured. The victims belong to 20 different countries from across Europe, Africa and Middle East. These countries include Belgium, Chile, Spain, Algeria, Egypt and Germany. 2 of victims were from Mexico, 1 from Russia and 1 from United States.

3, Attacks on Friday Evening

November 2015 Paris Attacks
A Friday evening in Paris

The attacks were carried out on Friday evening, typically when public places are filled with people enjoying their weekend. On Friday evenings, concert venues, bars and other public places remain busier than any other day.

4, Total Six Attack Sites

Paris attacks maps
The Paris Attacks of 13 November 2013. Map via BBC.

The attackers chose six locations for the attacks, all of which remain busy on Friday evenings.

    1. Bataclan concert venue, 50 boulevard Voltaire, 11th district – gun and suicide bomb attacks
    2. Stade de France, St Denis, just north of Paris – explosions near venue as France played Germany in football friendly
    3. Le Carillon bar, 18 rue Alibert, 10th district – gun attack
    4. Le Petit Cambodge restaurant, 20 rue Alibert, 10th district – gun attack
    5. La Belle Equipe, 92 rue de Charonne, 11th district – gun attack
    6. La Casa Nostra restaurant, 2 rue de la Fontaine au roi, 11th district – gun attack

5, ISIS Behind Paris Attacks

ISIS Paris Attacks

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – ISIS or simply IS, took the responsibility of the attacks calling it the first one of the “much bigger storm that is going to come ahead”. Abdelhamid Abaaoud was suspected as the mastermind behind the attacks. He was killed in a police raid in the Saint-Denis area of Paris days after the attacks.

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