BOL TV Launch Date Announced

Pakistan’s much controversial BOL TV launch date has been announced. According to the news posted on BOL Network’s official Facebook and Twitter profiles, the self-proclaimed #1 Pakistani media infrastructure is going to start its operations with an Azadi Transmission from October 19, 2016.

BOL Network, which is the brainchild of Axact CEO Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh, has a shadowy history. The network started advertising on rickshaws to public vans and social media about some 4 years ago. Ever since, there has been a huge hype among the supporters of the media company.

The launch of BOL Tv was announced for 21st May, 2015. However, following the Axact scandal of selling fake degrees, the launch was delayed. The CEO of Axact Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh was sent to jail including other key figures.

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Axact made a return soon after Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh was released on a bail. He made an announcement to give 15 months of unpaid salaries to all staff during which the company remained non-operational. The campaign Pehle se bhi ziada (more than before) started picking among the employees which was part of the CEO’s first speech after his release.

We would like to assure all Pakistanis; especially Axactians, their families, stakeholders and well-wishers of Axact/Pakistan that now everything is Pehle se bhi ziada!

Pehle se bhi ziadaSalaries,
Pehle se bhi ziadaBenefits,
Pehle se bhi ziadaFacilities,
Pehle se bhi ziadaEmployment,
Pehle se bhi ziadaSales,
Pehle se bhi ziadaBusiness,
Pehle se bhi ziadaIT Exports,
Pehle se bhi ziadaProducts,
Pehle se bhi ziadaCompetition,
& Most Importantly,

Pehle se bhi ziada Determination towards achieving our vision of a Positive & Prosperous Pakistan.

It is still unclear how the network is going to start transmission without a green signal from PEMRA, the governing body of electronic media in Pakistan.