Kader Khan death

Not a rumor this time sadly. Veteran Bollywood actor Kader Khan has passed away in Canada on December 31, 2018. There have been rumors about his death during the last week of December 2018 but his son responded that the veteran actor was admitted in the hospital for a long time but was alive.

However, on December 31 at around 6:00 PM according to Canadian time, Kader Khan’s son Sarfaraz Khan confirmed that the actor has passed away.

“My dad has left us. He passed away on December 31 at 6 pm as per Canadian time due to prolonged illness. He slipped into the coma in the afternoon. He was in the hospital for 16-17 weeks,”  Sarfaraz Khan

Kader Khan was 81.

Kader Khan remained hospitalized for over 16 weeks before going into a comma. That following evening, he passed away at a hospital in Canada.
He had been in a wheelchair after his knee surgery in 2015.

Kader Khan was born in Kabul, Afghanistan on December 11, 1937. He was not only a film actor but also a screenwriter, comedian, and director. Kader Khan started his Bollywood career in the early 1970s and appeared alongside some of the big names of the Indian cinema.

Kader Khan will be laid to rest in Canada.