Tiger that killed nine people shot dead in India

Indian Police have shot dead a tiger dubbed the “man-eater” after it killed at least nine people in Champaran, Bihar state.

The beast was killed after a hunt of 200 policemen including district officers. Some police officers used rode elephants to find it. 

India is home to more than 70% of the world’s wild tigers.

The male tiger had terrorized communities around the Valmiki Tiger Reserve in Champaran, eastern India, killing at least six people in the past month, including a woman and her eight-year-old son on Saturday.

Even before the two most recent killings, authorities had designated the tiger, a male three or four years old, as a “man-eater,” which meant it could be shot. Attempts to calm the animal had previously failed.

Bihar police led the operation by surrounding a sugarcane field near the village of Sitaltola Baluwa to kill the three-year-old tiger known as T-104.

“Two teams went into the forest on two elephants on Saturday afternoon and the third one waited where we thought the tiger would exit, and we fired five rounds to kill it there,” said local police chief Kiran Kumar.

With local villagers beating tin containers, it took about six hours for the team – with eight shooters and about 200 forest department officials – to complete the operation, Kumar said.

Two teams, on two elephants, went into the forest, and a third one was on stand-by where authorities thought the tiger would exit.

 The big cat was shot dead at 15:15 local time on Saturday.

Tigers kill between 40 and 50 people each year, according to government data published in 2019.

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