Kanye West To Buy Controversial Social Media Platform App Parler

Ye, aka Kanye West, has agreed to purchase Parler, a Controversial Social Media Platform popular among US conservative figures, including politicians and broadcasters.

Last week, Twitter and Instagram suspended his accounts after he posted anti-Semitic messages.

The “uncancellable” Parler describes itself as a “free speech” alternative to existing platforms and is primarily used by US conservatives.

The parent company of Parler, Parlement Technologies, revealed on Monday that it intends to sell the social networking site to the famous hip-hop artist for an undisclosed sum. Parlement would provide technical assistance through cloud services as part of the agreement.

Due to a violation of the content regulations of the major social media platforms, Ye has recently been subject to restrictions. Just a day after Ye made his first appearance on Twitter in nearly two years, the micro-blogging site erased an antisemitic message from him and froze his accounts. Instagram also removed his posts.

“In a world where conservative opinions are considered to be controversial, we have to make sure we have the right to freely express ourselves,” Ye said in a statement on Monday.

Parler was also banned from the app stores of both Google and Apple Inc after violating their policies in January 2021 following the US Capitol insurrection. The app made a comeback to Apple in May 2021, but it didn’t make a comeback to Google’s primary app store until only last month.

Parler is among a growing group of so-called alt-media sites that aim to give conservatives a to express opinions they feel are repressed on mainstream media.

Ye’s Controversial Posts

Ye’s Instagram account was suspended after he claimed that rapper Diddy was controlled by Jewish people.

He rejoined Twitter after being suspended and tweeted that he would go “death con three on Jewish people,” which led to his second-time suspension.

It is hard to assess the early success of Parler in comparison with tech giants Instagram and Twitter. According to information from Sensor Towner, Parler was downloaded roughly 100,000 times. In comparison, Instagram was downloaded about 57 million times.

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